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Door Viewers / Peephole Viewers

DS-series Material: Brass, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Finish: could be required Barrel diameter: 12/14/16/25/27 are available Viewing: 160/180/200-degree lens angle for wide viewing Door thickness: suitable for various door thickness More info and types of Door Viewers, DS-series, please check the detail on our page,, or contact us directly.
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ONE Touch Pneumatic door closer

ONE Touch pneumatic door closer is designed for screen/storm doors, different from the traditional ones. ONE Touch provides the gentle and smooth closing speed, with the special function “ONE Touch” to stop and hold the door open at any position you want via pressing the button, and release holding by push the door out lightly.
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SLIDE-back sliding door closer

"SLIDE-back sliding door closer" closes the door automatically; the electric power is not needed. It keeps the air conditioning stay inside, save the power in hot summer. It is installed in smoking area to make sure the door close any time after people are in and out frequently.
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Taiwan Brand Women Sleep Wear / Lingerie / Night Wear

Taiwan Brand Sweet Sleep Wear / Lingerie / Night Wear Looking for importer/wholesaler / Retailer / on-line Shop Owner. Product pictures & Spec please kindly visit our on-line catalog:
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