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Short Introduction : We are a group of consultants, developers and designers offering leading consulting services to economic, commercial and political organizations. We develop and implement highly effective financial, economic, technological and human resources strategies.

Long Description : We are a Mexican organization which offers a wide variety of services with an aim to increase foreign investment in our country. Our goal is to devise quality commercial practices leading to successful business operations. Our Trade Mission program includes the development and implementation of strategies to position your company abroad. Commitment, assistance, follow-up. We accompany you throughout the process. We encourage, guide and improve business agreements and alliances in order to ensure a long-term commercial relationship. What is our model like? We conduct a preliminary study of your company considering the potential of your human and economic resources, together with the organization's values, background, programs, innovation level and position in Mexico. We also make an assessment of your product lines in terms of market needs. We develop commercial relationships by promoting interaction and exchanging ideas and proposals, always bearing in mind your vision, philosophy and interests. We set up meetings with company leaders and managers to lay the foundations for a successful business relationship. We design political business strategies, guidelines and standards for company mergers. We put at your disposal our state-of-the-art resources, strategies and tools to build strong, reliable and lasting global business relationships.