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Short Introduction : Priority Metrics Group is a B2B industrial market research firm that delivers the information and insight companies need to create a realistic strategy to realize both incremental and breakthrough growth. Our market research is built upon identifying, locating and interviewing the right people necessary to fully understand, develop, and capture the best growth opportunities.

Long Description : Priority Metrics Group (PMG) is a professional B2B market research and consulting firm based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We provide customized market research, analysis, and consultation services designed to generate profitable growth for our clients. We work with leading organizations in a variety of manufacturing and service industries. We are experts at gathering and processing market information, analyzing data, and translating information into actionable growth initiatives. Since 1993, PMG has consistently delivered high value solutions through our practical approach to any business issue. PMG principals have a wealth of real-world experience in B2B market research, strategy development and implementation, new product innovation and business growth. We know how to listen, select the right issues, and get the work done. The results of our research is not a \\\"data dump\\\". All of our principals have years of corporate strategy development experience, so strategy is in our DNA. Our experience provides the ability to tailor our research projects from approach through analysis, delivering the information and insight needed to answer difficult strategic questions. The clarity of insight delivered in our work allows companies to create winning strategies.