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Industry : Consulting

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Short Introduction : Macocu is a consulting firm offering its services to companies wishing to do business in Spain.

Long Description : We advise and help you in setting up your subsidiary in Spain and implementing your sales and marketing plans. The professionals at Macocu have been working for over 15 years in the sales and marketing departments of large retail companies. We have an overall vision of the business, which enables us to find the alternative that best meets your needs. We want to help you reach your objectives.

  • Strategy for setting up a subsidiary in Spain
  • Management of establishing residence for tax purposes and set-up in Spain
  • Management of correspondence and handling of telephone calls
  • Tax, legal and financial advice
  • Marketing strategy
  • Drawing up of marketing plans
  • Externalization of marketing department
  • Analysis of market and competitors
  • Implementation of marketing projects
  • Planning of trade marketing actions
  • Design of online, offline and above- and below-the-line promotions
  • Sales strategy
  • Creation and monitoring of sales strategies
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Point-of-sale management
  • Sales and customer channel analysis