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Short Introduction : Fathalla & Co. is one of the leading and fastest growing enterprises in Accounting, Tax, Auditing and Consulting.

Long Description : The company was founded in 1977 by Ibrahim Fathalla and is considered to be one of the country’s pioneering firms with six offices based in Cairo, Alexandria and Borg El Arab. As a member of IAPA international, Fathalla & Co. is fully capable of providing the necessary support required. We provide services including company establishment, accounting, tax and independent audit in international standards with superior quality. Our expert team of independent auditors and tax advisors are ready for the best support to the companies, including: => Establishing all types of corporations => Dealing with all governmental authorities => Value Added Tax return => Auditing => Preparing Financial Statements => Bookkeeping and Accounting => Tax Services => Preparing tax returns => Work permits => Corporate Finance => Recruitment and HR-Management => Establishing Accounting and Financial Systems => Zakat Accounting (Islamic Accounting) => etc. We are looking forward to successful business cooperations.