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Short Introduction : I am India based emerging markets/FDI investment/market expansion consultant willing to help german companies in India to expand their business/products.I had been working with German consulting service in India for more than 10 years.I am willing to work for german companies in India who are willing to enter into Indian markets/expand into Indian markets.

Long Description : German companies medium size companies in field of energy/clean energy/environment/waste management/climate change/food and beverage/beer companies may enter into Indian markets/I can work for them in India and may expand their business in Indian states like Gujarat/Maharashtra.Companies looking for economic/political risk analysis from India/south asia region can engage me for this political risk analysis.I can also provide export/import policy of India/Industrial policy/special economic zones/industrial parks/much more.I had been working in India since 1995 with some german consulting firm as economic consultant was preparing economic/political risk analysis for their german clients.I am willing to work for German companies as consultant in India who are looking for economic/political/energy/geopolitical/security/conflict analysis of India and economic/political situation of Indian states.Some think tanks can also engage me for country risk analysis/monthly India reports also.I can make agreement with fees for consulting to german companies in India on these issues.Payment will be in two parts,first payment will be signing amount with agreement.