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Software outsourcing partnership


Are you looking for a reliable software development partner in Europe? Do you have a big project but you lack resources? It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning, middle or the end of a project, finding a suitable software development partner can be crucial for the success of your company and the impression you leave in front of your client.

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Software Development Outsourcing

Through our IT Outsourcing Services we offer two different type of arrangements:

IT Expert Consultancy
Software Development Outsourcing (Onshore/Nearshore/Offshore)

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1. CareWare Is a Hospital Management Information System which has been developed with the objective of streamlining the treatment flow of a patient in the hospital, while allowing doctors and other staff to perform to their peak ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. This scalable, integrated system:
• Manages all hospital functions with one affordable, integrated and comprehensive solution. It is fully integrated clinical management, financial management, HR management, material management and interface to PACS system, PBX and many Lab analyzers.
• Helps improve operational efficiency, care quality and patient experience by providing staff with a single, customized view of healthcare information.
• Helps improve care quality and the patient experience by providing clinicians with a single, customizable view of patient data across all encounters to enable more informed decision-making and faster throughput.
• Manage all financial aspects of patients and hospital including patient billing, insurance contract management and claim management.

is a result of an in-house development, by a team that blended high expertise caliper in the IT field, deep knowledge of the Management of Healthcare providers, and diversified expertise of accumulated knowledge in the medical field, management of hospitals, and best practices in the administration and financial affairs of hospitals in the region. It caters for local needs, while is based on international and industry standards in many areas specially coding schemes.

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