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Business Development Germany

Are you already running a well-established business or have you just completed the R&D of your very first product?


It does not make a difference in what stage your business might be in today, if you want to successfully go to market with your products or services you have to have a very good understanding about future industries, profitable clusters & successful markets.

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Tamaota launched a new project ready for crowdfunding or professional investment: The FLOWCONVERTER from German engineering company ENVIRONEERS. This novel hydroelectric turbine is designed to address the unexploited market of small rivers and industrial canals. A first customer base is already established.

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New Flowconverter

A new `Flow Converter`, the electricity generated via rivers.
A German product that is patent pending.
For the zero-production we are looking for investors, dedicated to equity (issuing participation certificates!) at a German GmbH
can participate (from € 10 thousand each.). The teaser shows a prototype and therefore the transparent application of the product. An expose you also find, you are first technical data in a short summary.
Talk to us, because this device can soon the world market
conquer and you are there!

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Business Expansion

Comprehensive business expansion and new business development consulting services and execution for companies aiming to enter the growing European market via Eastern Europe.

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