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BtL. natural diesel fuel

Here is a short project description of a module for producing natural diesel fuel the 2nd generation:

This is a plant for the production of diesel fuel (BtL.Nature diesel fuel) from biomass. So it does not yet exist in the world. The advantage to the previous systems is that it is a system of the 2nd generation. This means that the nature diesel fuel doesn’t use food (soy, rape, maize etc.).  The product will be produced from waste such as sawdust, grass, sewage sludge, animal manure, etc.

The needed feedstock (waste, animal dung, etc) will be arising again and again every day and having be disposed.

In contrast to the previously produced biodiesel types that can be used as an admixture, the nature-derived diesel fuel is produced according to DIN standard Below Expectations 590 and can be used immediately to 100 %..

The natural diesel fuel could be used on for buses, trucks, ships, cogeneration and many other diesel powered generators.

The plant to be prepared is operated completely self-sufficiently, i.e. the required energy is produced by the plant itself to the operation of the plant.

The system, consisting of one module produces annually about 25 million liters of diesel Nature, 30,000
kw/h thermal and 1.3 MW of electrical energy.

A reduction of the anthropogenic CO2 which is given to the atmosphere by approximately 95 % - 100 %.

It contains no suspended particles that it can be used immediately. It is comparable to the conventional diesels on the market; but our produced natural diesel fuel has a higher quality and it mustn’t be mixed with further additives.

This natural diesel fuel can be used without any additives up to -20° C.

Especially in terms of environmental nature, this plant and the product of natural diesel are milestones for the future.

This is a plant to produce natural diesel fuel according to DIN standard Below Expectations 590.


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