Venture Sectores: Automotive

Modern autobus factory

Modern autobus factory for sale !
Located in Central Europe. The autobuses are used in several European markets, e.g. Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Turkey. Categories: suburban and urban design, sight-seeing double-deck low-floor, and long distance buses. Options: manufacturing restart in Europe, or the complete product technologies sales with installation in - for example - Africa

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Engineering services

CYBERNETICS International is a Romanian company specialized on the delivery of the following services:
- mechanical design
- electronics design
- recruitment and relocation of Romanian engineers for working abroad in different sectors: mechanical, electrical, electronics, automation design, software development, manufacturing, logistics, QA etc.
- setting up companies in Romania in the engineering field ( JVC, subsidiaries or representatives of foreign companies, etc ) and their administration.

Our main business differentiation is a quite competitive price/performance ratio.

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