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Executive Summary


Dear Consulting Partner,

Consultinghouse.Venture is a global business platform that is meant to facilitate trade and investment opportunities along entrepreneurs from around the world.

We provide international traders, investors, as well as management consulting firms a common platform to make rich connections and to exchange innovative ideas within and across markets.

Every day, business professionals are seeking to start sustainable trade-relationships along international manufactures, retailers and trade agencies. As a member of our exclusive network of boutique consulting firms from around the world you will be have the joy to facilitate cross-border transaction of our trading & investing member from around the globe.

Never has the co-creation of value been so easy.


Business Challenge

We are living in a connected world and access to information seems to be easy. However, regional boutique consulting firms often find it challenging to increase global awareness allowing them to connect with similar consulting firms from around the world.

Being able to access and to share information in an international business companies will drive knowledge generation and innovation. 

Business Benefits

Consultinghouse.Venture allows an easy access to a global network of regional boutique consulting firms. Once signed in to our network consulting firms will

  • increase their global awareness
  • make rich connections along business people from around the world
  • co-create value by promoting & sourcing potential business transactions

How To Join

Be part of a global network of open minded business professionals from around the world. Contribute to a global community by sharing your unique corporate value proposition. Exchange ideas with other consulting professional. Co-create innovation and increase value for your consulting firm.

It is easy. It is free. It is highly exclusive. Your next big business opportunity might be only one click away. Join us today.