Executive Summary


Dear Business Professional,

Consultinghouse.Venture is a global business platform that has been designed to facilitate trade and investment opportunities along entrepreneurs from around the world.

We provide international traders, investors, as well as management consulting firms a common platform to make rich connections and to exchange innovative ideas within and across markets.

Every day, business professionals are seeking to start sustainable trade-relationships along international manufactures, retailers and trade agencies. As a member of our global trading network you will find many opportunities to share your services, products and projects with a global community of international trading houses.

As a member of our exclusive network of boutique consulting firms from around the world you will be have the joy to facilitate cross-border transaction of our trading & investing member from around the globe.

Never has the co-creation of value been so easy.



For Traders

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For Investors

Are you an international investor who is seeking to either promote or source international investment opportunities?

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For Consultants

Are you a regional boutique consulting firm highly experienced in supporting foreign companies to transact business in your domestic market? Learn more...